Earthbath Shampoo!

Earthbath products are used on all of our pups over 6 weeks old! We enjoy the fact they are less damaging to the environment than other brands, and are super safe and gentle to the Pad Packs’ skin! We highly recommend the β€œready to use” formulas for at home use as well, whenever you get in a dirty emergency! This brand does not include parabens, sulfates, phosphates, phthalates, and soaps, making it harder to dry out your pet’(s) skin! Our salon favorites, are Mango Tango 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Puppy Mild Shampoo, and Hypoallergenic Shampoo!

Tail Wags!,

The Pad πŸ’š

Oh, Pizzle Sticks

What is a pizzle stick? Pizzle stick aka bully stick is a dehydrated bull penis which dogs enjoy as chew treats!

Health Benefits:

  • natural

  • simple; no additives/preservatives

  • digestible (highly digestible compared to rawhide)

  • maintains oral health



  • some are circular (shaped to maintain curiosity while chewing)

  • some are braided (braided for more aggressive chewers)

  • linear shapes (commonly found)

  • spiral

  • natural

  • odor free options

  • β€œthin”, β€œstandard”, and β€œthick”

  • 6” and 12”

There’s no stopping our 35 lbs mixed breed, Woof Supervisor, Ernie, from tucking his new stick almost immediately into his bed covers or near Simone, his mum, until he’s in the mood to start chewing like a psychopath, per usual. He’ll also snack on them little by little for up to a week keeping himself occupied. We’ve been treating him pizzle sticks since his puppy days, and along with socialization, training and exercise, we feel bully sticks curved his puppy nibbling stages greatly and made life easier for his hoomans :-)! Once chewing commences, we expect him to be booked and busy for about 1 - 2 hours (he takes few breaks in between) with a 12” thick bully stick. Having a safe chew for him to be occupied with, gave us relief knowing we can leave him unattended to center ourselves again, and can come back regenerated and can give him our best again! Oh yes, displaced puppy boredom, shoo shoo go away, come again another day!!!

We’ve heard for long periods, dogs really shouldn’t be chewing on anything harder than a carrot, but with the accommodating pizzle stick varieties to fit all ages, anatomies, and chewing styles…a carrot…really? (no hard feelings, but bully sticks win by a long shot here).

We love bully/pizzle sticks and absolutely know you will as well.

Advise: As with any new chew/toy, always supervise your pet to know their habits the first few times it’s given so you are comfortable knowing your pup(s’) chewing habits! Also important to be consistent with our own mood when giving your pet his/her chew/toy as their state correlates with ours!

Let us know your questions, and your experience with bully sticks below!

Best Belly Rubs,

The Pad