Your Dog Is Your Mirror by Kevin Behan

I love this book because it offers an incredible NEW perspective for me on dog communication! Kevin Behan’s dad is a renown New York dog trainer, who uses an older, effective model of training, but not so much, Kevin. Kevin understand the energy everything has within it, and just like from the basic to most complex of objects, there is an energy current that runs through it, including us! Conceptually, dogs stabilize the energy within themselves by compatibility matching to other species depending on what energy the other species is exhibiting! I love how this book is mainly for dogs’ best interest but he indirectly speaks about human psychology because, it’s all so connected given dogs are pack animals, and they, just like us, are nothing close to great, without us. I think I would have to say the same about Ernie and The Pad pack. πŸ’š

This is book would be best for people who have ongoing problems in their dogs behavior with no avail doing the traditional clicker and reinforcement training!

If you’ve read the book, tell us what you think!

Tail Wags πŸ’š,

The Pad