Cesar Millan's Lesson's From The Pack

If you don’t know Cesar Milan, you jusssssst might be living under a rock! A little harsh, I know, but it’s better late than never to know he's not only one of our favorite people at The Pad, but literally one of the most admired and respected dog professionals/behaviorist in the absolute world, and known to ALL MAN.

Cesar Millan’s Lessons From the Pack, is a book about Cesar's beginning with dogs from when he’s as young as 6 years old living in Mazatlan, Mexico with his family, until around the time the book was published in 2017 at the Dog Psychology Center in California, USA! He tells a story about how different dogs who he’s lived and worked with were teachers in these powerful life lessons, which he outlines in his book:

  • Respect (Paloma - working dog, leader of the dog pack, and worked alongside Cesar’s grandfather)

  • Freedom (Regalito - β€œmy first pet dog”, freedom to use all senses the dog has is essential for dogs to be balanced)

  • Confidence (Daisy - in desperate need of a good grooming, would not let anybody touch her until young Cesar came into the scene. Daisy made him popular, and people were first starting to notice how amazing he was with dogs in America!)

  • Authenticity (Cycle and Cain - Rottweiler duo originally intended for protection/guarding but Cesar realized while one carried the personality for protection/guarding the other had more fun learning new tasks, and did it well given he was able to stay true to him self.)

  • Forgiveness (Rosemary - once a bait dog in dog fighting then tortured by being set on fire by a gang and Popeye - once used as a fighting dog, two separate cases, after their horrible pasts with people, were both able to associate humans in a secure way after once rehabilitated with Cesar!)

  • Wisdom (Daddy aka β€œThe Real Dog Whisperer” - another pit bull who was beyond our time who helped rehabilitate humans AND dogs, also seen on Cesar's original TV show, as his right hand dog, for 16 years.)

  • Resilience (Junior - Daddy’s predecessor who helped maintain Cesar’s positive attitude on life, during some of his toughest times explained in the book. He had an incredible influence, Daddy, however Junior has a comedic side, which turned to be perfect timing for Cesar’s rather challenging journey!)

  • Acceptance ( Simon - the pug who was straddling the β€œred zone” category, made Cesar realize β€œthat people can hurt and even try to destroy something they fear or don’t understand.”)

    From his first TV show, to his first marriage, to regaining his new sense of self, is so beautiful to read how humble he stayed - even in his non-humble moments, you would probably say he was humble! The Pad is so thankful for Cesar Millan, and for all that he’s contributed for our community - working to build the bridge of understanding to humans around the world. We truly he is are a worldly treasure, and will be forever remembered in the highest regard here at The Pad, indefinitely. πŸ’š

If you haven’t read this book, I guarantee, you WON’T be disappointed!

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Tail Wags πŸ’š,

The Pad