Importance of Ear Hair Removal


When we mention ear hair removal, it’s usually about the hair located in your dogs ear canal. Some pets have it more than others, and some don’t have any ear hair at all. Ear hair is more associated with medium to long haired breeds. The removal process, is performed by plucking with fingers and/or pulling hair with a hemostat after administering Ear Hair Removal powder, which is used for grasping the hair easier, making it more comfortable for your pet. This is performed for aesthetics but more importantly health reasons. 

Ear plucking, or ear hair removal, allows air to circulate within the ear canal, decreasing potential bacteria, debris buildup, and moisture. Maintaining good air flow and cleanliness decreases likelihood of ear infections, which can create bacteria and yeast within the ear. Ear infection root causes can vary but it helps to rule out the cause of bad airflow from ear hair when the ears are hair free. Some dog breeds have naturally big ears without ear hair, and brachycephalic anatomy where the face and ear canals are smushed into a tighter space (slightly similar concept to small dog breeds and bad teeth/breath), but because of ear size and crowded face organs, proper air flow can be limited. In that case use prevention methods to keep their ears dry by using ear cleaner approved for dogs at least once a month for maintenance. Keep an eye out for "drying" ear cleaners because those are effective, and helps to keep the moisture down within the ear. If you aren’t sure if your dogs ear hair gets plucked, ask. If your groomer says no, consider it, if it applies to your pet!

Common symptoms of an ear infection are:

  • head shaking

  • ear scratching

  • odor coming from the ear

  • ear discharge

  • head tilting

  • swelling

  • redness

  • and more

If your pet is showing any clinical signs, schedule his/her veterinarian appointment promptly.

Tail Wags,

The Pad πŸ’š

Ear hair and the accumulation of moist dark colored matter/debris.

This dog more than likely had an ear infection. The dark matter was of medium quantity, had a yeasty odor and was noticeably itchy, as I cleaned her ears.

Ear Hair Example

Plucked (removed) ear hair.

The darker and thicker piece was deeper within the ear canal. After removal, I was able to effectively clean the ears!