Clean your Dog's Ears Effectively At Home!

Clean ear canals are essential to keeping your pup happy! Usually 1/week to 1/month routine maintenance is required to prevent the onset of ear infections. If you think your pet has symptoms of an ear infection, please schedule an exam with your rDVM. Weather and environmental changes can create added moisture, so you may find at certain times of the year, they require more frequent cleanings, but usually not more than 2/wk. If you find you have to clean your pet’s ears more than 2/wk, please schedule an appointment with a veterinarian or your rDVM ASAP.

Enjoy the demonstration and happy cleaning!

Ahh, Belly Rubs,

The Pad

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  1. Open the pinna/ear flap so the ear canal opening is seen.

  2. Massage the base of the ear for about 3 seconds - so that your pet is not surprised by sudden activity at the ear area.

  3. While massaging, pour a moderate amount of cleanser in the canal opening.

  4. Close the pinna and lightly massage with the ear cleaner in the ear for about 30 seconds so the cleaner can break down debris and work it’s magic!

  5. Allow your pet shake her head.

  6. Lightly dry any debris or leftover cleanser with a cotton balls.

  7. Repeat this once more in one session, but not more than that, because you can irritate the inner ear. Feel free to do another session in 3-4 days if you feel the ear wasn’t adequately cleaned.

If you cannot see the opening of the ear canal because of ear hair, please go to your groomer or schedule an outpatient appointment with your rDVM.

If your pet has symptoms of an ear infection, please schedule an exam with your rDVM.