*Puts On Anxiety Mask * Oh, anxiety where?!! Not here!

Anxiety Masks are great for pets who tend to become stressed from visual overstimulation. These masks are excellent at keeping your pet calm when they are uneasy, scared/anxious. The popular brand Thundershirt, who is highly review for their calming products, has a version of their own! You can positively associate new interactions with your pet’s favorite treats or favorite toy or activity, and definitely take it slow or at your pet’s pace!

During grooming we use these mostly when doing nails or anything the pet has a sensitivity to, and is never kept on longer than 15 minutes and unsupervised! We used this product on our longterm Pad client Sammy, a geriatric Bichon Frise, who can have really bad separation anxiety when seeing someone leave him. This dramatically changed when placed in the crate with the mask. When we first put it on, INSTANTLY the barking and whimpering stopped, he remained alert waiting for his parents to pick him up. He is one of our priority grooms, so he is always ready within two hours from drop off, but this mask creates a stress free environment for him as he waits!

Your pup should never be left unattended with medication or product restraints! As with all new products, positive introduction is essential to getting the most from your pet products!

Tail Wags,

The Pad